One of the popular American pop rock band is Maroon 5 where they are originated in L.A., California. It was in 1994 they were still in high school the band was formed. They originally consist of Adam Levine the lead vocals and guitar, Mickey Maddeen is playing bass guitar, Ryan Dusick played the drum and Jesse Carmichael played the guitar and backing vocals. At that time the name of their band is Kara’s Flower. But when they attended college the band parted each their ways.

Maybe because they love music they regroup in 2001 and they have a new added member and guitarist James Valentine. But the used a new band name that they used until now, Maroon 5. Aside from a new member Jesse switch in playing keyboards. With all the changes the band signed and released their debut album under Octane Records.

The band music is consists of pop, pop rock, neo soul, fun rock and soft rock. Once they release a song and also the music video it surely is a hit that is for sure. All there music videos are amazing and the storylines are great. And aside from their great music this group doesn’t look old and still rocking the music industry.

Now the band is consist of Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn and PJ Morton. Till now Maroon 5 is still in one of in demand group in the world. Each song they release are sure hit and always in the top list. They can attract different audience from young to adult one.