What is your mood today? Have you observe that music can affect our mood or the music you are listening will depend on your mood? With music it can help you with your mood swing. Do not think that only pregnant woman can have mood swings. Our mood sometimes depends on how the day work or what is happening in your day.

Watching and listening to music can uplift a mood of a person. There is different genre of music depending on your mood.
Blues, rock & punk, reggae

If you are feeling anxious or nervous blues can help slow the heart rate a bit and can make you calm down.
Rock and punk can boost your adrenaline and energy. Reggae is a music genre that can help you chill out where in they say that this genre is good for those who have anger management issue. Mainstream pop or rock is mostly used by those who want to do workout. This helps them get in the mood because of the predictable rhythm and steady tempo. Classic love songs are for those who are in love and heartbroken. Dance can make give you high energy and can make you feel good. Classical music can calm and uplift your mood. This can also help you to have better sleep.
Rap and hip hop can help express your mood specially anger, violence and misogyny but for other it can help them relax. Heavy metal is same also with rap and hip hop but it is aggressive and because of this it has a negative effect.

There are many more genres out there that can help or compare your mood with it. Just choose which one do you think can help you.