One great show to watch especially for kids to gain more knowledge is NASA. This is a government agency in Unites States where in they are the one responsible for space programs, aerospace and aeronautics research.

The meaning of NASA is National Aeronautics and Space Administrations. They led most of the space exploration of the U.S. like the mission Apollo moon landing, Skylab space station and also the Space Shuttle.

Here they focus on understanding better about Earth by the Earth Observing System. Not only have they focused about Earth but also about outer space. With their hi-tech equipment they can discover new things and enhance what are already discover to be understood more.
For us who are not lucky or qualified to go to space and experience what the astronaut’s do we can still know and see what is out there in space. With NASA TV they will provide and let us experience and see what is in outer space, on how beautiful it is first hand. Watching it on screen will make you feel as if you are also out there with the astronauts.

It is beautiful see what Earth look like in space even it is only in screen but the advantage of it is you can see it in live streaming. Making it feel as if you are also in space and just like in a dream. Aside seeing the outer space we can also watch the people behind this amazing experience especially how and what the astronauts do in the space. Making you feel and want to be one like them.